About Erin

Did you finally figure out your PASSION of teaching YOGA only to feel burnt out and stressed  that you are driving from class to class like a maniac, making WAY less money than before and giving so much you feel depleted? Then you think to yourself “What the hell am I doing?”

I know the feeling and BELIEVE ME I have been there.

lifestyle & career coaching for yoga teachers and heart-centered peeps

Are you finally ready to take things to the next level in your life and biz?

Do you have a longing deep down to serve others in a huge way?

Do you crave more fun, adventure and freedom with your time?

If you’re desiring to create something HUGE you’re in the right spot.

I know it can be rough and overwhelming to know where to START.

Let me take you through a simple, step-by-step process to create the life you want. LET YOUR SOUL BE HAPPY! We’ll break it down into manageable pieces that get you EXCITED about what you’re creating. No more pushing it off. This is YOUR LIFE dammit! And I can help.

It IS YOUR TIME NOW or you wouldn’t be reading this. Get it? Time is precious. I’m ERIN PELUSO and I’m here to help you get the life you’ve always dreamed of. It takes hard work. I’m not going to lie. But with some guidance it is within reach. I’ll help you trust yourself in order to follow your own path so you can live your one precious life by your own rules. It’s never too early OR too late….Let me share….When I turned 30 I decided to move across the country, from New Jersey to California, alone. Yes my family and friends were in shock and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Truly. Pulling my little sister out of school to say our goodbyes in the hallway was THE HARDEST thing ever. BUT it was the BEST thing I have ever done. NO REGRETS.

In Cali I met a man named Max Simon. He is the son of Dr. David Simon, Co- founder of the Chopra Center along with Deepak Chopra. We spent a lot of time together and we became amazing friends. He challenged me in lots of ways. He said to me, “You know what I really disliked when we were dating? How you complained about your job to me every day.” I replied “Really? I didn’t know I was that annoying. I’m sorry!” I thought wow I can’t tolerate people who complain about things and don’t do anything to change them. Absolutely can’t stand it!

We meet no one but ourselves…so this made perfect sense as to why I disliked those kinds of people. I was one of them! What was holding me back from change? FEAR. Max then said “You have to read this book. It’s great and it’s just what you need.” He handed me The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood. I read it over and over again and fell in love with it. The book changed the course of my life. In the book you discover your top 5 passions. One of my passions was to teach yoga again. You see, I used to teach in NJ but the yoga in California was like the fashion in Paris. Think the Yoga Mecca. I didn’t feel my teaching was up to par. I really wanted to complete another yoga teacher training but I couldn’t afford it. Since teaching came up on my passion list though, I stepped up and had faith things would work. As Janet says in the book, don’t worry HOW just figure out the WHAT! My WHAT was yoga.

Two weeks later I answered an ad on craigslist for a yoga teacher. It didn’t give too many details but I got a phone call from girl named Dani. We totally hit it off, she was from NJ too! After speaking to her I learned the position was for Yogaworks, one of the top studios in the world, AND it came with a free 200 hour teacher training!Yes, I said FREE! I couldn’t believe it!That was just the start of my journey…wondering what yours would look like? Click here to read more about me….

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